Habits that kill your phone battery  

Your daily routine probably looks like this: you plug your phone into the charger and leave it for a while.  The phone says that it’s 100% charged, but it's still plugged in. Sound familiar?  Or maybe, you just plugged in your device to charge overnight, so that you wake up with your phone ready for a long work day. The problem is that while you slept, the phone was "trickle charging" and that gradually kills the battery. 

Phone batteries have a lifespan. Users' everyday habits accelerate that lifespan, often leading to premature phone death.  Our overcharge protected solution  doesn't guarantee that your phone won't explode or lose its charge quickly, but it will protect your phone from your bad habits. 

Our unique accessory prevents mobile phones from overcharging the battery,  keep battery in a Healthier condition and does power monitoring. Very useful and sustainable accessory and to keep the smartphone battery in better condition. 

Save money by less power-consumption after a full battery-load

365 days * 3-4 hours/day overchargetime * $ 0,045 cents/hour:  saving $ 49,00 per year 

What are the Key Features

Overcharge Protection

      Will detect when your phonebattery is close to being full charged and then acting like a fuse, it will stop further charging.

      Battery Health Protection

      Will prolong your battery lifespan by charging  for 4 hours or until the device is close to being fully charged. Stories of bloated mobile phone batteries, exploding devices, and fast-draining smartphones now become a thing of past.

      Battery Power Protection

      Batterycapacity will be healthly for longer by protecting the phonebattery being constantly charged once it reaches 100% ( trickle charging).


      ·        Contribute to sustainable (important theme)

      ·        Important accessory for mobile travellers using a powerbank

      ·        Keep your batterycapacity on level (important for smartphone with fixed battery)

      ·        No unneccessery powerconsumption save  around $49,00 per year

      ·        Bloated mobile phone batteries, exploding devices, and fast-draining are history

      ·        Enjoy the maximum batterycapacity as it was coming new out of the box         

      ·        Less capacitydrain of the battery and enjoy  longer activities  on the smartphone