Bluethooth Secure headset 

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The BLUEARMOR® 100 Secure Headset is the first headset designed to meet government security requirements concerning the vulnerabilities of Bluetooth. This is a high quality, dual microphone headset that employs our patent-pending security technology as well as software that elevates recording quality while enhancing noise suppression and echo cancellation. The BLUEARMOR® 100 Secure Headset delivers superior sound quality under a variety of real world conditions.

Millions of Bluetooth headsets are sold each year for use with cellular phones, allowing hands-free operation – when driving a car or carrying luggage at the airport terminal, a Bluetooth headset is the practical solution. Unfortunately, today’s standard commercial Bluetooth headsets are relatively insecure due to several key factors. Privacy requires encryption that is based on properly authenticated devices during pairing. Headsets do not provide a mechanism to authenticate the remote device during pairing. Most headsets will pair with an attacking remote device without user intervention. Bluetooth attacks involve eavesdropping, identity detection, location tracking, denial of service, unintended device control and access to personal data (contacts, calendar, email) and voice channels. A hacker who has managed to compromise a mobile phone may be able to comprise network resources as well. Hackers can attack one Bluetooth device in order to gain access to another connected device.

Bluetooth headsets also natively support a set of powerful telephony commands that can be used to compromise the content and functions of the phone such as remotely forcing the phone to dial a particular number. Inherent vulnerabilities in existing headsets allow a hacker to remotely connect to an idle Bluetooth headset and eavesdrop on the wearer’s conversations. These are the primary reasons why the US Department of Defense has prohibited the use of standard Bluetooth headsets.