(STS-3U) 3-port USB Hub voor Samsung Galaxy 

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Tablet 3-port USB HubThe STS-3U adapter is a 3-port USB Hub providing simultaneous charging capability (SimulCharge) for select Samsung tablets. LAVA’s SimulCharge technology allows the tablet to operate as a USB Host while continuously charging the battery.

The STS-3U allows up to 3 USB 2.0 accessories to be accessed by the tablet. Each USB 2.0 (A-Type) port is capable of driving additional USB Hubs to expand the systems capabilities further, within standard power limitations of the tablet power adapter.

Standard USB OTG Adapters do not allow the tablet to be charged while operating with USB accessories. This intelligent adapter is designed for robust operation allowing rapid switching between SimulCharge and Charge-Only mode.

The LAVA product can be switched into Charge-Only mode to rapidly replenish the battery in the same manner as USB Charger with a Direct Charge Port (DCP) as defined by the USB Battery Charging specification v1.2.

The STS-3U can be used on its own, or as part of a third-party enclosure solution, supporting a variety of kiosk-type applications.





• Customer Facing Devices (CFDs) with scanners, card readers, etc.
• VOIP intercom system using wired Ethernet
• Taxi-cab systems (card readers)
• Point of Sale systems with peripherals (scanners, readers, printers)
• Point of Sale systems with wired Ethernet
• and many more

System Requirements

Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab: Check the actual list of supported devices
Power: USB Charger/Power Supply with a Micro USB-B connector, such as the power supply provided with the Galaxy tablet. Any regulated 5 volt power supply capable of at least 2 amperes can be used.

• Designed for select Samsung Tablets
• USB Host operation while charging
• 3 USB 2.0 ports
• USB-A receptacles can connect to USB Hubs
• Works with tablet’s original charger
• Can operate with any 5 volt supply
• Works with external USB battery packs
• 3.3 foot (1 meter) tablet connection cable
• Convenient charge mode switch
• Charge mode status indicator lights
• USB activity light
• Enhanced charging stability
• No tablet rooting required

1 x Micro USB B to Micro USB B cable (3.3ft/1m)
Note: The custom 3.3ft/1m cable connects the device to the tablet. This cable may not be be extended.
3 x USB A port (for USB 2.0 accessories)
1 x Micro USB B port (Tablet connection)
1 x Micro USB B port (Power input)
1 x Push Button (Charge mode switch)
1 x Charge Only indicator LED
1 x SimulCharge indicator LED
1 x Tablet USB indicator LED

OEM Connectors:
1 x 2-pin header (to optional Charge Mode switch)
1 x 2-pin header (Type jumper)
1 x 3-pin header (Charge Only indicator LED)
1 x 3-pin header (SimulCharge indicator LED)
Note: The OEM Connectors are not available on the standard product.
Depth: 3.3 inches (83 mm)
Width: 3.8 inches (97 mm)
Height: 1.7 inches (44 mm) – with standoffs
Weight: 7.0 oz (shipping)
Weight: 4.1 oz (device only)