Enable USB peripherals, wired ethernet and power over ethernet for Samsung Galaxy Tablets

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LAVA USB/LAN/PoE Hubs and Adapters make simultaneous tablet charging and USB peripheral support possible. These devices allow a Samsung tablet to support a variety of applications requiring USB peripherals, wired Ethernet and Power over Ethernet.

These devices are designed to be used on their own or integrated into a third-party kiosk or enclosure solution. With LAVA SimulCharge technology, these hubs work with out-of-the-box (unrooted) Samsung tablets, and are ideal for commercial applications. 

Uses include

- Customer Facing Devices (CFDs)- Tablet-based signage
- Conference room door tablets
- Point of Sale (POS) systems with peripherals
  (scanners,   readers, printers)
- In-vehicle systems with peripherals
  (GPS devices, scanners)
- Tablet docking (keyboard, mouse, LAN)
- Together with third-party tablet enclosures, etc…



List of products

1-port USB Adapter (TL-002)
1-port USB Adapter Board (STS)
3-port USB Hub (STS-3U)
USB Ethernet Adapter (STS-E)
USB Ethernet Adapter with PoE (STS-PE)
2-port USB Hub & Ethernet Adapter (STS-2UE)
2-port USB Hub & Ethernet Adapter with PoE (STS-P2UE)
2-port USB Hub & Ethernet Adapter with PoE for Tab S/Pro (STS-P2UE+)
PoE Power & Data Tap with 2 USB Chargers and LAN Connector (PoE-PD)